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April 2022 – Maryland debut author Lia Mack aims to raise $10,000 for the DC based sexual assault hotline RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) through the sales of her healing and inspiring sexual assault/PTSD focused literary fiction novel’s special second edition, Waiting for Paint to Dry.

A hard-hitting novel, with a dose of healing-humor, the fictional tale is derived from the author’s personal healing journey from PTSD due to rape, plus the many survivors stories she heard while conducting research for the book. From these collective stories, Mack created a fictional tale that has helped many survivors laugh, heal and find peace after sexual assault trauma.

Waiting for Paint to Dry can be promoted during two awareness months: Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April) and PTSD Awareness Month (June). Mack enjoys speaking to and interacting with readers, writers, and survivors alike. 


“Lia Mack has written a raw and wrenching novel about rape… and the soul-crushing aftermath of such trauma. Watching Matty Bell move from shut-down victim to triumphant survivor is a stirring experience… An inspiring and powerful tale.” – Yona Zeldis McDonough, Author of The House on Primrose Pond

"This isn't a book only about ugliness and trauma... Mack's novel is an enjoyable tale that transforms ugly duckling Matty… into a swan.” – Kirkus Review

“As a therapist I was pleasantly surprised... dealt with the healing of a very tough subject while maintaining a wonderful storyline. Loved the book." – Dr. Patricia K. Martin, Clinical Psychologist

“This blistering psychological powerhouse of a love story will make you get up and cheer the glory of self-reinvention." – Mindela Ruby, author of Mosh It Up


Originally traditionally published in 2015, the novel’s fundraising efforts for RAINN didn’t reach Mack’s $10,000 goal, hence the rebirth of Waiting for Paint to Dry in a special second edition form, being re-published under the author’s own publishing imprint in April 2022.


To help with this effort, the book is additionally available in special quantities for bulk purchases for support groups, fund-raising, and educational use. 


In addition to her new debut novel, Lia Mack’s creative non-fiction has appeared in The Washington Post, Nickelodeon Jr. Magazine, Advances in Bereavement and Nesting Magazine. She is also a contributing author at The Survivor Manual (, a site dedicated to inspiring and empowering sexual abuse survivors. Lia is a resident of Maryland, and grew up an Air Force military brat from Kansas to Michigan to Texas to Colorado and Italy to Maryland. Visit her online at


For signed copies or to schedule an interview: 410-533-9062 /  

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